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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Advisory Council

Building trust and providing support.

Meet our members:

  • Stan D. Brown, M.A. '00
  • Robyn T. Costello, M.A. ‘96
  • Ian M. Davis, B.A. '09
  • Greg Derwart, M.A. '96
  • Tricia Granata Eisner, M.A. '02
  • Rodrigo I. Figueroa, B.A. '13
  • John H. Hennessey, B.A. '74
  • Aaron Levin, M.A. '91
  • Steven Leyva, M.F.A. '12

In collaboration with Dean Laura Bryan, the Advisory Council serves as a strategic partner in helping the college succeed.

The board:

  • advises and supports the dean in her strategic objectives
  • ensures the public views the college as an education institution of integrity and understands its commitment to students
  • creates confidence and public trust in the college.