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Privacy Act - UB

University of Baltimore

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of1974, also known as the "The Buckley Amendment," provides certain rights to students (and in some cases parents) concerning access to educational records. Briefly, these rights are of two kinds:

  • the student has the right to examine his/her records, to challenge items the student believes are incorrect, and to appeal a decision made by the university concerning such items to the Department of Education;
  • the student's privacy rights may not be waived without the student's written consent except to authorized personnel of the university and other educational institutions. Certain items designated as directory information, may be released by the university, however.

A complete copy of the HHS regulations related to this legislation is available in the Office of Student Affairs. Offices where students' records are kept are Records and Transcripts and, in some cases, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Admissions, Law Admissions, and those of the academic deans.