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SL Clinical Fellows

School of Law .

Adopted 9/94
Revised 4/22/04

A clinical teaching fellowship program is operated by the University of Baltimore School of Law within its Clinical Program. The fellowship program began in summer, 1995.

Educational Goals: The clinical teaching fellowship program offers attorneys opportunities for professional growth through clinical teaching and through service to the low-income community. It allows practicing attorneys an opportunity to explore the possibility of embarking upon a full-time career in law school clinical education and to make the transition from the practice of law to legal education. The educational goals of the program are to strengthen legal practice skills, to reflect on legal practice, and to learn clinical teaching methodology under the supervision of experienced clinical teachers on the U.B. faculty.

The fellowships help the school expand the number of positions for students in our “in house” clinics. The fellowships do not replace or substitute for full-time faculty on leave from the clinic or preclude the use of adjuncts or visitors.

A fellow’s duties include:

  1. direct supervision of the clinical course work of up to four clinic students each semester and coordination with clinic faculty and periodic participation in clinic classroom activities (60%), and
  2. responsibility for a clinic client caseload and development as a clinical teacher including scholarly writing under supervision and terms negotiated with his/her clinic director (40%).

Fellows supervise clinic students certified to practice under Rule 16 of the
Maryland Rules Governing Admission to the Bar. Clinic students, most of whom are in their third year of law school, devote an average of 20 hours per week to clinical courses for six academic credits. In addition, students in each clinic may enroll for up to four additional credits for a second semester in the clinic.

Fellows work with the faculty member who directs the clinic to identify areas of particular interest for practice and teaching within the clinic’s mission to strengthen the clinic and the fellow’s performance as a lawyer and teacher. The fellow may choose to audit law school courses, engage in academic scholarship, and generally participate in the intellectual life of the law school.

The fellowship entails year-round responsibilities. To permit thoughtful planning, there is a brief orientation for new fellows during the summer. The fellowship is for a two- year term which is renewable for one additional year, due to particular case coverage or teaching needs, at the option of the fellow and the Clinic Director in consultation with the faculty teaching in the clinic. The fellow is not eligible for rehire to a faculty position at the Law School in the year immediately following the termination of the two- or three-year fellowship.

Fellowship qualifications: U.B. seeks in its fellows a combination of the following strengths: excellent oral and written communication skills, at least two years of experience as a lawyer, a strong academic record and/or other indicia of high performance ability, commitment to work for low income communities, and a lively interest in teaching. Fellows, if not already a member of the Maryland Bar, are required to take and pass the Maryland Bar exam at the next opportunity.

Clinical Selection Process

Since selection procedures normally are part of a course description, changes in selection procedures normally would not have to be submitted to the faculty, nor would they normally have to be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee. Curriculum Committee review (and possibly faculty action) probably would be appropriate, however, if the change in selection procedure effectively established a pre-requisite for the course, rather than merely a means of selecting among those who registered for the course.

Proposals for changes in selection procedures normally should be developed by the Clinical faculty and should be submitted to the administration (through the Associated Dean for Academic Affairs) for review.