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Faculty Phased Retirement

Approved by UFS 5/21/10
Revised by Office of the Provost to comply with State and USM policies
Approved by AG’s Office 12-10-10
Approved by President Bogomolny 12/15/10

I. Purpose

The University of Baltimore’s phased retirement program is intended to provide qualified faculty (including, for purposes of this policy, librarians who have achieved permanent status pursuant to the University’s Librarian Policy) the ability to adjust to full retirement by reducing their workloads gradually, while still contributing to their academic units. It will encourage staffing flexibility to meet the needs of the academic units and the University.

II. Eligibility

Faculty members who are at least fifty-seven (57) years of age and who have completed at least ten (10) years of service to the University of Baltimore are eligible to apply for Phased Retirement.

III. Program Components

  1. Workload and Compensation

     Faculty members who participate in the Phased Retirement program will be able to reduce their workload for up to a three (3)-year period, from 100 percent to 75 percent or 50 percent and will be compensated on a prorated basis. (Fifty percent time is the minimum standard under Maryland law for employee eligibility for health care benefits.) During their Phased Retirement, faculty members will remain eligible for prorated merit raises and COLA as may be approved by the State and USM.

  2. B. Benefits

    It is understood that the benefits mentioned herein are subject to applicable State and USM guidelines in effect at the time of the phased retirement.

    During the Phased Retirement, the faculty member will continue to receive all health care benefits and dependent benefits, and to accrue retirement as permitted by State and USM policies.

    Upon full retirement, a faculty member will receive health care benefits and dependent benefits as permitted for retired faculty by the State of Maryland and the USM.

  3. C. Faculty Policies<.i>

    Faculty members will continue to be subject to the USM and UB policies governing faculty.

IV. Procedures

A faculty member’s Phased Retirement contract must be signed by the faculty member, the dean or his/her designee, and the provost or his/her designee, and must include the agreement of the faculty member to fully retire at the end of the Phased Retirement contract term [which may not exceed three (3) years]. The elements of individual contracts for Phased Retirement will be developed in consultation between the faculty member and his or her academic unit’s division or department chair, if applicable. Recommendations and proposed contract terms will be forwarded to the dean for review (except that, in the Law School, the process will begin at the decanal level). The dean’s recommendation is then forwarded to the provost for review. The provost’s recommendation will be sent to the president for final review and possible approval. In arriving at a final decision, administrators should endeavor to accommodate a faculty member’s request, while taking into consideration such matters as the impact of a reduced workload of the faculty member on students and other faculty, available office space, and funding issues.

V. Maryland Retirement Plans

Faculty members must meet service credit requirements to be eligible to receive retirement benefits under the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.