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Salary Upon Initial Appointment - UB

University of Baltimore

Approved by President Turner on February 23, 2000

I. Purpose and Applicability

This policy establishes the guidelines for starting salary in exempt positions.

II. Entrance Into Service

  1. Appointment to Exempt positions will normally be made within the first quartile of the salary range designated for the job. Since "full performance level" is appropriately compensated at the mid-point of the salary range, starting salaries within the first half of the salary range shall be proportionate to the estimated time required for the new employee to reach full performance level.
  2. The salary for all part-time regular appointments shall be pro-rated based on the salary prescribed for regular full-time positions.

III. Entrance Above Mid-Point

The President may authorize a starting salary above the mid-point but below the maximum of the range for any of the following reasons:

  1. A demonstrated and documented inability to attract a pool of qualified candidates.
  2. Rejection of an offer of employment at the mid-point of the range for the job by the top candidate(s).
  3. Other circumstances which are documented and approved by the President or his designee.