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Temporary Assignment and Acting Appointments - UB

University of Baltimore

I. Purpose and Applicability

This policy establishes the authority of the President or his designee to temporarily assign duties to existing positions and temporarily reassign staff as the needs of the University may require.

II. Terms and Definitions

"Temporary Assignment" is used when adding or replacing duties to an employee’s existing position.

"Acting Appointment" is used when an employee is appointed to a different position on a temporary basis where there is a vacancy that is anticipated to exceed thirty (30) calendar days.

III. Salary upon Temporary Assignment and Acting Appointment

A temporary assignment of additional duties is at the discretion of the supervisor and may not result in any change of title or compensation.

Employees appointed or actually serving in an Acting capacity for more than thirty (30) calendar days shall receive a salary adjustment consistent with the policy on promotion, effective with the date of assumption of the acting capacity duties. Upon conclusion of the acting appointment, the employee’s salary will revert to the last regular salary rate in effect prior to the acting appointment, with the addition of any intervening salary adjustments that have occurred.