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Director of College Communications

Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences and College of Public Affairs

Vacancy Number 300317

Position Type: Regular, full-time exempt position with full, competitive benefits package
Opens: 07/03/13     Closes: 07/22/13

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications

The Director will provide strategy and supervision to communications in the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences and in the College of Public Affairs, developing, enhancing and maintaining print and electronic publications, the college websites, their social media accounts and other various promotional materials.  The appointment shall be made 50% in each College.

The Director will be responsible for providing a comprehensive, coordinated approach to public relations, social media and website content and for working with the deans and other college leadership to determine priorities and strategy for communication efforts within the colleges and campuswide on behalf of the colleges. This person will also work with key entities—both departments and specific positions—throughout the University to advance the goals of the colleges, including but not limited to recruitment/enrollment, academic affairs, student affairs, alumni relations and more.

Finally, the Director will serve as a liaison to the University’s central communications and marketing office, participating in workgroups and teams intended to advance communications and marketing in support of the University and college brands. This person will be that office’s point person in the colleges and will work closely with staff in that office to produce materials, to project manage college initiatives and to contribute to the continued enhancement and expansion of digital communications.

Required skills and qualifications include the following:
•    bachelor’s degree in journalism, writing, English, communications or a related field
•    five to seven years of professional writing, editing and fact-checking experience
•    Web writing and Web and social media content-management experience
•    experience in project managing, planning and implementing annual and one-time communication strategies and publications
•    strong project management, time management and organizational skills
•    the ability to work closely with and take direction from college leadership
•    the ability to develop positive relationships with fellow administrative staff, faculty members, alumni and students for effective collaborative work

Desired skills and qualifications:
•    master’s degree in a communications-related field
•    experience in a higher education setting
•    thorough knowledge of Associated Press style
•    portfolio of writing samples
•    knowledge of graphic design and print production

This position will be accountable for the following efforts:
•    Enhancing and expanding college Web, social media and other electronic communication content, according to strategies developed in conjunction with college leadership, in addition to managing regular maintenance and updates
•    Developing and upholding a policy for update and continual maintenance of websites, social media and other electronic communications, perhaps utilizing a team of content managers within the colleges
•    Ensuring achievement of common goals related to the website and cohesive and seamless interaction between the colleges’ Web presences and those of other units, etc., by working with other communications professionals throughout the University, especially those within the University’s central communications and marketing office
•    Coordinating communications for the colleges in various University media (Web calendar, Daily Digest, etc.) utilizing a team of content managers within the colleges
•    Developing long-term and short-term strategies related to recruitment and other communications to help achieve University and college goals and determining needs for additional print/electronic materials, especially in conjunction with the team in the University’s central communications and marketing office to ensure efficiencies of scale and distribution
•    Project managing/developing content for new print/electronic publications while upholding University editorial and graphics standards
•    Collaborating with college leadership, faculty and the University’s central communications and marketing office to update content and maintain the currency of college-related content in viewbooks, search pieces, program brochures, checklists and other publications; maintaining and enforcing practices for the internal distribution of these materials
•    Communicating changes in program requirements/curriculum efficiently and effectively across various media (website, catalog, advising sheets); working with college leadership to develop appropriate timelines to achieve this goal
•    Assisting in the execution of internal and external events for the colleges, coordinating with appropriate staff and faculty University-wide to do so.
•    Contributing to advertising strategies for the colleges

This position also represents the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Public Affairs as a member of the Web Work Group (and other committees/task forces) and participates on University committees or task forces as needed.

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