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Graphic Designer

University Relations

Vacancy Number 300409

Position Type: Regular, full-time exempt position with full, competitive benefits package
Opens: 02/14/14     Closes: 03/03/14

Salary: $40,000 - $45,000

As part of the larger marketing and communications team within the Office of University Relations, the graphic designer focuses on producing mainly print publications, but also electronic pieces, in support of the University’s recruitment and marketing efforts. Specifically, this position entails conceptualizing, designing and presenting graphic solutions that maintain consistency in visual branding. In partnership with another graphic designer, an art director and the executive director, this person is responsible for providing design support to clients—mainly units and colleges throughout the University—as needed. The graphic designer also must be self-sufficient and able to juggle and prioritize multiple projects of varying size and scope and with varying deadlines. Excellent communication and teamwork skills are crucial, as are creativity and strong attention to detail. This position reports to the art director within the Office of University Relations.

Responsibilities Include:
• Designing and producing University recruitment publications (such as brochures, posters, postcards, etc.) dedicated to undergraduate and graduate programs in arts and sciences, public affairs, business and law as well as a semi-annual University-wide magazine
• Delivering creative solutions for complex assignments
• Producing and preparing prepress files—including color correction—for printed publications
• Meeting with clients to assess design and publication needs
• Brainstorming, developing and presenting creative briefs
• Communicating effectively and regularly with not only clients but also other members of the University Relations team to ensure smooth production processes
• Managing production schedules, addressing client feedback, identifying additional needs and solutions as projects progress
• Understanding the impact of design decisions (stock, ink, format choices) on printing processes, cost and schedule
• Working with freelance/contractual vendors, including photographers, illustrators, videographers and designers

• Supporting the University's graphic identity system and related client needs
• Participating in evaluations and audits of design and content throughout the University website and consulting on solutions as needed

Required Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in design or related field required
• 3 years of related experience required
• Proficiency with using Adobe Creative Suite applications to produce high-end publications
• Knowledge of the offset printing process and preparing files correctly for press
• Strong organizational and project management skills; ability to multitask, prioritize and juggle multiple projects and deadlines
• Ability to manage and execute a print and/or Web project from concept development to completion quickly and efficiently
• Team player with excellent follow-through and communication skills and ability to work with various personalities
• Excellent written and verbal skills
• Ability to add creative input on projects for which the whole team is responsible
• Ability to work under the creative direction of others and to take the lead on assigned projects
• A design portfolio that demonstrates mastery of skills in the following areas:
• conceptual development
• typography
• attention to detail
• multipage publications
• print design (illustrating a solid understanding of offset printing processes as well as stock and ink selection)

Preferred Qualifications:
• Photography skills
• Experience in designing for higher education or related field
• HTML, CSS and Web content management system skills
• Videography skills as well as a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere and After Effects 

We appreciate your interest in the Graphic Designer vacancy. Please review the information below before you visit to apply.

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Before you apply:

• Save one PDF document with your cover letter and resume.  Save up to 3 PDF documents with your print design samples. 

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