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UB's History



Women's tennis, 1946

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1961 prom

Uofb 5 6 08 0082

Black Student Union, 1975

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Junior Class, 1928

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Flying Club, 1941

The University of Baltimore was founded in 1925 as a private institution. Its founders were a group of Baltimore civic leaders who wanted to provide low-cost, part-time evening study in business and law for working adults. Its first site was at the southeast corner of St. Paul and Mt. Vernon Place with a class of 62 law students and 114 business students.


A Continuing Heritage

UB became a state institution in 1975 and then part of the University of Maryland System (now known as the University System of Maryland) in 1988. The current campus includes numerous buildings (the former Baltimore Athletic Club is now Charles Hall, and the former home of Kelly Buick is now the Academic Center) in the Mt. Royal area. The newest facilities house the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences and the Student Center. We continue to educate business and law students, but we've added many full-time day programs and an array of professionally oriented programs in the arts and sciences and public affairs.

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