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Look no further: Let us connect you with additional resources.

Your adviser is your advocate. We’re here to help you with scheduling classes, troubleshooting difficulties and directing you to other valuable campus resources.

As your adviser assists you in learning how to navigate your college experience independently, there’s also a time to be interdependent, to know when you can’t do it alone. Being interdependent, asking for help when you need it the most, shows your independence too.

Turn to these valuable resources when you need this additional support:

Achievement and Learning Center            

  • Receive tutoring and extra assistance with material that you want to learn more aboutor that proves to be a challenge
  • Improve your reading and/or writing skills
  • Get help memorizing facts and other course content
  • Find support in setting weekly study goals

Recreation and Wellness

  • Manage stress and care for your emotional and physical health
  • Join an intramural sports team.
  • Attend gym and fitness classes.

Career Center

  •  Set academic and career goals
  •  Find jobs and internships

Center for Educational Access

  •  Attain campus accommodations for documented disabilities

Counseling Center

  • Get help with time management
  • Manage stress and care for your emotional and physical health
  • Resolve your personal problems
  • Make decisions and stay motivated

Diversity and Culture Center 

  • Learn about study abroad and cultural immersion opportunities

Mathematics Learning Center

  • Get additional assistance with developmental math courses

Office of Financial Aid 

  • Learn more about paying for college via financial aid, grants, loans and scholarships

Professional Development Institute

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring from a selected faculty or staff member
  • Create and polish your resume

Langsdale Library

  • Find online and print resources to help you with your studies and research

Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement

  • Get involved with clubs and organizations
  • Learn how to be an effective leader and take on a leadership role
  • Get engaged with the UB community

Office of Graduate and International Admission and Enrollment

  •  Receive visa and immigration assistance from UB international advisers as a freshman international student
  • Get advice about achieving academic success in the U.S. higher education system
  • Attend weekly International Student Hour and seminars throughout the academic year