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Online Learning

Degrees and courses at your convenience.

The University of Baltimore's online programs and courses offer the same content, rigor and collaboration between faculty and students as you would find in a face-to-face class on campus. The benefit of online education is that you can participate from anywhere with an Internet connection without needing to travel to campus.

"Online" encompasses several formats designed to meet your needs:

  • fully online, asynchronous: Courses offered fully online are conducted via the Internet and do not utilize campus facilities. These courses are held asynchronously (so professors and students do not need to participate at the same time), enabling you to interact with classmates and access course materials any time of day from anywhere with an Internet connection:
  • fully online, synchronous: In this age of improved audio and video connections, courses are not restricted by physical limitations. Whereas several other degree programs are offered asynchronously (think anytime, anywhere), one program in particular takes advantage of advanced technologies enabling a synchronous connection (same time, anywhere). The synchronous online program offered at UB is:
  • hybrid: A hybrid course offers a mix of face-to-face instruction and online learning. In a hybrid course, you'll do a significant part of the course learning online, and as a result, the amount of classroom time is reduced.
  • Web-assisted: Web-assisted courses integrate online activities as a supplement to classroom activities. These courses maintain all of the course contact hours while taking advantage of the tools offered in an online platform. UB uses Sakai, an online course management system, for Web-assisted courses.

Interested in learning more? Contact Paul Walsh, director of instructional technology.