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Our Students

Denit Honors students publish books, create nonprofit organizations, contribute to their academic community, volunteer their time to make a positive difference and so much more! We asked some of our students what matters to them. This is what they said:

Matter at UB

Students volunteered to make meals for homeless


“Even with my busy schedule,
community service matters to me."

Kristen Piscopo, Criminal Justice


"To gain an understanding of the challenges faced when providing HIV care and treatment to most at-risk populations, specifically commercial sex workers matters to me"

Beth Peterson, Psychology

Beth at her internship






"Learning new languages and cultures is what matters to me. Travel has helped me to appreciate people the way they are and has shown me the importance and power of diversity."

Adnan S. Hameed, International Business

Student seeing the world

I’m passionate about veterans' reintegration; academia, society, community and beyond. I co-founded and organized the Military Veterans of the University of Baltimore to help my fellow student soldiers. Veterans helping fellow veterans, students helping students, being part of the solution; that’s what matters to me.
- Sean Byrne, Jurisprudence

At UB Veterans Matter