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Helen P. Denit Honors Program

Become a Helen P. Denit Honors Scholar and immerse yourself in experiences that will shape your undergraduate education in ways you never thought possible.

Building Community Spring 2014

Climbing to new heights

It was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had.... I'm proud to be in an honors program that encourages hands-on learning, cultural diversity and personal development.

-Amanda Grant
Human Services Administration

We share a goal: You have things you want to do in life—passions, causes, things you've believed in and dreamed about for as long as you can remember....

Denit Honors has a passion, too: We want to help you get there.

To do that, we'll help prepare you for the new century by empowering you with the skills and habits of mind that are necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasing interdependent world.

You'll do what you do.

Practically speaking, this means that you will become a vital part of a University-wide community of thinkers, doers, strivers, motivators and leaders. You'll network. You'll be challenged and inspired, every day of the week.

Denit Honors student, Derick Ebert, named Baltimore City's first youth poet laureate. Read more about how he wants to use voice to discuss social justice issues, masculinity and the challenge young people face with identity.

Is the Honors Program for you?
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