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Helen P. Denit Honors Program


For general inquiries, please contact the Helen P. Denit Honors Office at 410.837.6583.

For specific inquiries:

Brian Etheridge
Learning Commons, 202E

Betsy Nix
Associate Director
Learning Commons, 314             

Join the Helen P. Denit Honors Program at the University of Baltimore—and immerse yourself in experiences that will shape your undergraduate education in ways you never thought possible.

Honors trip with volcano in the background

It was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. It was such an amazing opportunity and I'm proud to be in a program that encourages experiential learning, cultural diversity and student development.
-Amanda Grant, Human Services Administration

We share a goal: You have things you want to do in life—passions, causes, things you've believed in and wanted to do ... your whole life. Denit Honors has a passion, too: We want to help you get there. To do that, we'll help prepare you for the new century by empowering you with the skills and habits of mind that are necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasing interdependent world.

In the Honors program, you will:

  • apply knowledge to new issues and questions;
  • navigate and act responsibility within and across disciplines, professions, cultures, and communities;
  • judge when and how to use technology to work, collaborate, and communicate effectively in all realms.

Practically speaking, this means that you will become a vital part of a University-wide community of thinkers, doers, strivers, motivators and leaders. You'll be challenged and inspired, every day of the week. You'll network. You'll do what you do. If you want, you'll even travel the world—like the student pictured at right, who journeyed to Guatemala in 2012 to help local villagers improve their ability to cook in their own homes.

So, what are Denit Honors classes really like? Let's ask a student:

"My favorite honors course was Global Business Environment with Prof. Sriram. The course only had nine students, and all were serious about their work. We shared diverse perspectives, as did he. He has lived and traveled and taught in many different countries."
-RaSheila Daniels, Business Administration, Early Entry Law

Is the Honors Program for you? You're here, so why not explore some more or contact us for a tour.