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Offices of Admission
Academic Center, Room 117
1420 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410.837.6565
Fax: 410.837.4793

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Saturday (first and third of every month): 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

For information about UB, contact:
Kevin Arthur, assistant director, graduate admission (Merrick School of Business)
Jennifer Haire, admission counselor, graduate admission (College of Public Affairs)
Aseloka Smith, admission counselor, graduate admission (Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences)

meet our staff

  • kevin
    Kevin Arthur

    Assistant Director, Graduate Admission

    Hometown: New York City, New York

    Favorite thing about Baltimore:
    I can’t name just one. My favorite things about Baltimore are the Inner Harbor, crab cakes, the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History.

    Favorite thing about UB:
    The staff and students are great! You do feel the sense of a shared community here.

    Best part about being an admission counselor:
    Working with a diverse group of students from all walks of life and learning about them and the paths that lead them to UB.

  • jennifer
    Jennifer Haire

    Admission Counselor, Graduate Admission

    Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio

    Favorite thing about Baltimore:
    The awesome food. I am a foodie, so I love that I am surrounded by so many great restaurants.

    Favorite thing about UB:
    The diverse population of students. It is great to be able to experience and have conversations with people from all walks of life.

    Best part about being an admission counselor:
    Making dreams come a reality. It’s a great feeling to help people achieve their goals.

  • aseloka
    Aseloka Smith

    Admission Counselor, Graduate Admission

    Hometown: Huntington, West Virginia

    Favorite thing about Baltimore:
    Patterson Park! It’s a beautiful haven in the middle of the city.

    Favorite thing about UB:
    My favorite thing about UB is the people. That’s probably what drew me to UB initially. Since I’ve started working and going to school here I’ve met some of the most amazing, genuinely friendly people.

    Best part about being an admission counselor:
    Being able to demystify the process for students. So many students come into my office confused or panicked about the application requirements. I enjoy being able to let them know what needs to be done and hopefully calm some of their fears in the process.

Last Published 8/19/14