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The Alumni Committee is a committee of the University of Baltimore Foundation. They enhance the services and programming provided to alumni and voice alumni opinion on various issues.

Executive Officers: 

Stuart M. Goldberg, B.A. '70, J.D. '74

Executive Vice President
Edward H. Meerholz, B.A. '71, M.P.A. '78   Retired; formerly Chief Financial Officer for the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation, Inc. and the Johns Hopkins University Budget Director

Vice President, Merrick School of Business
Yasmin N. Harris, M.S. '83 , Systems Engineer  Verizon
Vice President, School of Law
Renee Nacrelli, J.D. '93 , Assistant Attorney General  Maryland Office of the Attorney General  

Vice President, Yale Gordon College of Arts & Sciences
Lillian J. Carter, B.S. '99 , Senior Agent – Division of Parole and Probation

Vice President, College of Public Affairs
Carol L.R. Roberts, B.S. '07, M.P.A. '10 , Administrative Officer – Veteran's Health Administration  
Darren M. Margolis, J.D. '95 , Partner – Bierer & Margolis, P.A.  

Immediate Past President
Jeffrey C. Glock, B.S. '88 , Director – Altus Group US, Inc.


Syed H. Ali, B.S. '14

Robert J. Bennett, M.A. '96 - RB Brand + Design

Robyn Costello, M.A. '96,
Vice President  Aon Hewitt Consulting

Meet S. Desai, B.S. '14,
Financial Advisor  Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

Raymond F. Frederick, B.S. '95; M.S. '97
, M.B.A. Academic Program Coordinator, Merrick School of Business – University of Baltimore  

Erin Lee Hairston, M.S. '11, CERT '12, Owner & Consultant  The Haerlee Experience, LLC

Gerhart A. Hauptman-Diaz, B.S. '04, Senior Accountant  Compass Pointe Healthcare System

Helen L. Holton, B.S. '81
, Baltimore City Councilwoman – 8th District

Renee Nacrelli, J.D. '93, Assistant Attorney General – Maryland Office of the Attorney General 

Pamela C. Ng, M.B.A. '11, Enterprise Application Specialist – University of Maryland, Baltimore

Walter Nolley, M.S. '07, Assistant Community Supervision Director – Division of Parole and Probation

Dale McClinton, B.S. '15

Ken Prager, B.S. '69,
Certified Public Accountant  Office of Kenneth F. Prager, CPA

David W. Richardson, B.S. '64
, Retired Senior Vice President – DW Richardson & Associates LLC 

Paul Rodriguez, M.A. '12, Bilingual Paralegal – Michael A. Zwaig, PA

James B. Scott, Jr., B.A. '10, M.A. '12, Administrative Officer – Baltimore City Department of Social Services

Alex Tremble, M.S. '11
, Program Manager  Executive Education for the U.S. Dept. of the Interior

Frank C. Vermeiren, B.S. '08, M.A. '10, Director of Strategic Business Development  Intersocietal Accreditation Commission 

Last Published 10/2/15