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Career paths can be so complex and can often require additional training, but not everyone has the time and resources to earn further degrees.

For those reasons and more, the Merrick School of Business offers five graduate business certificate programs to help you advance your career.

If you are contemplating the field of accounting or if you need to build your skills in the area of accounting, then our certificate in Accounting Fundamentals is the right choice for you or perhaps our Forensic Accounting certificate.

Perhaps you are thinking about pursuing a M.B.A. degree. Well if you are and feel like you'd like to test the water first, then our certificate in Business Fundamentals will allow you to immerse yourself into graduate school without expending a lot of time or money.

You've heard of Tang, Velcro and Post-it Notes, right? Well these iconic products were developed using a process know as technology commercialization. Our certificate in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization allows you to delve into the process of taking a scientific discovery to a viable practical application and hopefully a commercial success.

Finally the certificate in Leadership for Organizations is designed to enhance the leadership acumen of business professionals. It is intended to be of value to individuals with formalized business training as well as those with non-business backgrounds. In this program you will increase your understanding of the concepts and tools needed for effective leadership.