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The University of Baltimore Policy Guide

Office of the Provost

Welcome to University of Baltimore’s online policy guide!  We hope that you find it a convenient and useful reference to USM and UB policies and procedures.

Please be aware that this Guide is neither a complete statement of all policies, regulations and requirements of the University of Baltimore, nor a permanent document.  Policies may be revised and new policies created as appropriate, following procedures currently in place.  UB reserves the right to make changes and additions to this Guide without prior notice.

USM policies are applicable to UB in accordance with their terms and supersede UB policies unless expressly stated otherwise.*  Certain USM policies are referenced herein and may refer to Exempt and Classified employees.  As a common rule, the term “Classified” has been replaced with “Non-Exempt” and “Administrative” has been replaced with “Exempt.” The full set of USM Policies and Procedures may be found at

*Please note that some of the Board of Regents policies listed may be superseded by the Memo of Understanding for non-exempt employees who are represented by the union.  Questions related to these policies should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

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Red links denote USM policies.