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Meet Eubie, the University of Baltimore Bee! This loveable character is the very essence of UB spirit and makes appearances at special university events. 
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Confidence + Skills = Success!

UBLiving helps UB community members develop the confidence and skills needed to achieve personal and professional success. Our programs encourage participants to explore issues surrounding self-care, personal development, social responsibility and community engagement and develop skills in these areas.

Programs provide opportunities to:

  • Discuss current issues and difficult topics that impact the wellbeing of our community.

  • Develop and practice skills that promote success and positive life habits.
  • Promote good citizenship, university involvement and community engagement.
  • Celebrate student success and achievement through the coodination of the undergraduate and graduate ceremony.
We C.A.R.E 
C: Community A: Accountability R: Responsibility E: Excellence

Students, faculty and staff who understand the importance of self-care, personal development, social responsibility and community engagement.

The promotion of positive life choices and the celebration of achievements for oneself and others. Recognizing the importance of one’s role within their community and understanding how personal decisions impact its development and growth. Developing strong life habits that will contribute to healthy relationships, community involvement, and personal success. 

Last Published 10/2/15