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Behavior Evaluation Threat Assessment Group (BETA)

Core BETA Members:

Kathleen Anderson
Dean of Students

Myra Waters
Director, Counseling Services

Rebecca Spence
Assoc. Director, Human Resources

Sam Tress
Chief, University of Baltimore Police Department

The Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment group (BETA) is a team of University staff members that is available to any UB community member dealing with an individual for whom they have a concern. BETA serves as a central source to:

  • identify and monitor these individuals
  • provide information and resources to help address concerning situations
  • make referrals to campus support resources and, if necessary, off-campus agencies

BETA does not adjudicate, discipline or impose sanctions against any member of the campus community, nor does it provide or mandate treatment.

If you feel unsure of how to deal with an individual's behavior, whether through informal interactions or through a formal situation such as a class, contact one of the core BETA members. You may choose to work directly with one individual or speak with the entire group. In all situations, confidentiality is a priority and will be respected.

Last Published 10/2/15