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Institutional Year 2012-13
Federal Government Reports Due Date
Institutional Characteristics (IPEDS IC) Oct-17
Completions (Academic Awards) (IPEDS C ) Oct-17
Twelve Month Enrollment (IPEDS 12E) Oct-17
Student Financial Aid (IPEDS SFA) Feb-06
Graduation Rates (IPEDS GRS ) Apr-10
Finance (IPEDS F) Apr-10
Enrollment (IPEDS E) Apr-10
State Government Reports Due Date
Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)
Institutional SAT Profile MHEC S-11 Oct-19
High School Graduate System Electronic File Aug-24
Degree Information System Electronic File Jul-27
Transfer Student System Electronic File Oct-05
Opening Fall Enrollment MHEC S-7 Oct-05
Employee Data System Electronic File Nov-16
First-Time Undergraduate Student Cohort SSN Change (MHEC S-15) Nov-09
Enrollment Information System File Nov-02
Distance Education Survey (MHEC) Jan-11
Credit Hours of Enrollment (MHEC S-6) Oct-12
Complete College America Spring 2013
University System of Maryland (USM)
Actual Annualized Credit Hour FTES by Level, FY12 Jul-02
Enrollment Projections Feb-01
Spring 2012 Credit Hours by Level Mar-01
Spring 2011 Enrollment by Level by FT/PT + First-Time Freshmen Mar-01
Spring 2012 Regional Center Data Collection Mar-01
Fall 2011 Credit Hours by Level Oct-12
Fall 2011 Regional Center Files Oct-05
Summer Regional Center Data Aug-10
Credit Hours by Level for Calendar Yr 2011 Jan-11
Application Information System Electronic File (Formerly S-3) Oct-12
Public/Private Agencies Due Date
National Science Foundation(MSF-NIH Survey of Graduate Students in Science Feb-28
CSRDE (Freshmen) Mar-02
Collegiate Learning Assessment Nov-01
CIRP Freshmen Survey Mar-01
MSCHE Institutional Profile April 15th
Voluntary System of Accountability Feb.
CSRDE (Transfers) June
National Survey of Student Engagement Nov
Common Data set October

More Institutional Research Calendar Information

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