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End of Year Computer Purchases

Procurement and OTS have negotiated pricing for 4 desktop configurations and 4 laptop configurations to expedite end of year, and beginning of FY 15 computer purchases. The items have been pre-approved by OTS.  It is very important to remember that all FY 14 purchases MUST be received by June 30.  Items received after June 30 must be paid for with FY 15 funds.

If you need to have a computer purchase delivered within the first three weeks of July, contact Nancy Wright to coordinate ordering and production.

The spreadsheet accessed by this link will give you an overview of the items available.

Dell Quote 681424727 - Dell  OptiPlex 9020 small form factor, 4 GB

Dell Quote 681444037 - Dell OptiPlex 9020 small form factor

Dell Quote 681444041 - Dell OptiPlex 9020 mini tower

Dell Quote 681421367 - Dell OptiPlex 9020 mini tower, 4 GB

Dell Quote 681449183 - Dell Latitude 15 5000 laptop

Dell Quote 681451224 - Dell Latitude E7240 laptop, 4 GB Single Channel

Dell Quote 681451227 - Dell Latitude E7240 laptop, 8 GB

Dell Quote 681453907 - Dell 23 Monitor

Dell Quote 681454032 - Dell 24" monitor

Dell Quote 681454697 - Dell Latitude 15 5000 laptop, 8 GB

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Wright at or 410-837-5715.