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Slideshow of Events

Ethic’s Week At UB March 2 – 7

Providing a week full of great speakers, presentations, and food; the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics seeks to educate students about the Ethical issues faced in everyday work and life.


Colonel Arthur Athens April 14


“When You’re the Finest, It’s Hard to be Humble” Colonel Athens argued for the understanding that Humility is not only a part of Leadership but is a necessary characteristic for a person to be a good leader.


Community College Ethic’s Bowl April 18


Providing an opportunity for College students to compete in an Ethical fashion and on Ethical issues, this event is always enjoyable and interesting. Controversial issues are argued, analyzed, and deconstructed in order to provide an Ethical answer.


Anil Aggarwal April 22


With So many Ethics violations hitting the newsstand, no longer can anyone ignore these problems. The Academic world faces the same problems as Wall Street. This presentation will concern Codes of Ethics for Academia and the impact of these Codes on students, faculty, and staff.


High School Ethic’s Bowl May 9


Come out to the University of Baltimore and watch 16 High School teams compete in this years High School Ethics Bowl. No doubt an exciting day and an experience that everyone can enjoy. Challenging these young minds to answer detailed ethical questions, the competition provides a valuable learning experience.

Last Published 11/18/15