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Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics
Ethics Week-March 1-6, 2010


March 1-"The Art of Mending in a Throw-Away Culture"
12:30- 1 :50p.m., Room 003 Business Center,
Professor Laurie Snyder, Chair, Photography Dept., MarylandInstitute College ofArt

March 2-"The Ethics of Our Founders: A Source of Inspiration or a Disappointment?"
2-3:20p.m., Room 003 Business Center,
Dr. Tom Carney, Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies Division

March 2-"Ethical Climates in Organizations"
5:30-7p.m., Room 003 Business Center,
Dr. Ed Gibson and Dr. Heather Wyatt-Nichol, School of Public Affairs

March 3-"A Story of Hope & Possibility"
2-3:20p.m., Student Center, Bogomolny Room,
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Ms. Trisha Meili, Central Park Jogger

March 3-"Thurgood is Coming: A Living History Presentation"
5:30-7p.m., Room 003 Business Center,
Dr. Lenneal Henderson, Professor, School of Public Affairs & HCPE Senior Fellow

March 4- "Ethics and Mediation"
12:30-1 :50p.m.,Room 003 Business Center,
Professor Rob Rubinson, School of Law & HCPE Senior Fellow

Colonel Athens    Humility and Ethical Leadership
Forum on Sex, Porn, and Free Speech in Universities