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Ethics in the Arts Week

  • Monday | Feb 15

    • Official Opening of the Cultural Arts Program in Baltimore Exhibit
      12:00PM | LC 317
      Nicole Hudgins, Associate Professor of History, Legal, Ethical & Historic Studies, and Benjamin Blake, University Archivist, worked together planning this exhibit. It will feature information and artifacts from the Cultural Arts Program in Baltimore, which ran in the city from the 1960s through the 1990s. The program guided Baltimore youth into the fine arts, including instruction, programs and performances in dance, drama, music and pictorial art. President Schmoke will speak at 12:30PM.

    • The Recreative Process of the Working Classical Musician
      5:30PM - 7:00PM | Town Hall
      Andrew Balio, Principal Trumpet, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
      An informal lecture with musical demonstrations of what it means to be a working classical musician, one who recreates the music of the past 500 years. Light refreshments included.
  • Tuesday | Feb 16

      • Gun Violence at the Movies: Hollywood vs. Europe
        11:00AM - 12:20PM | Town Hall
        Nicole Hudgins, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History, Legal, Ethical & Historical Studies. Lunch is provided.

      • Rock 'N Roll to Your Own Beat: Art, Activism & Identity
        2:00PM - 3:30PM
        Ron Kipling Williams, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Writing Program, Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences.
        Ron knows what it is like to be mislabeled and mistreated in a 'normal' society. As a black youth struggling to find his own identity, he battled to have his voice heard and eventually became an award winning performance artist and social justice activist. Join him as he shares his experiences and facilitates an open dialogue about what it means to be a human being, why 'the box' is an illusion, how art is used for social change, an dhow you can tap into your inner activist. Light refreshments included.
  • Wednesday | Feb 17

    • Obligations and Reciprocity: The Relationship Between Artists & Society
      12:30PM - 1:50PM | Town Hall

    • Baltimore's Confederate Monuments
      2:00PM - 3:20PM | Town Hall

Think ethically and act responsibly in your professional and personal life.


Through a wide range of programs and activities—seminars, essay contests, the Ethics Bowl, internships and scholarships—we encourage you to think responsibly about the kinds of moral dilemmas and choices you face as a professional and as a global citizen.

Since 1987, we have provided faculty with teaching models, and we sponsor faculty research, student internships and public programs in business and professional ethics. We welcome speakers from all over the world to discuss moral, ethical, and philosophical issues in various facets of life. We have hosted discussions in fields ranging from business to art. We also encourage students to continue thinking about the ideas introduced in the classroom to other aspects of life by sponsoring the student organization Society for Ethics and Philosophy.

This year, University of Baltimore is honored to host the 2015 Two-Year College National Ethics Bowl. Read more about it here.

Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl Team

Our Ethics Bowl Team is going to Nationals!

Coach Dr. Fred Guy and students Thermon Morris, Jr., Anna Alrub, Raquel Bowings, Abby Salazar, Keanuu Smith-Brown, and Moses Wamalwa represented University of Baltimore at the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl Competition in St. Petersburg, Florida. They placed 5th place with a 3-1 record and will move on to Nationals. The 20th Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl will be held in Reston, VA on February 21, 2016.


Last Published 2/9/16