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Printing Wirelessly with OS X

Printing to Wireless Printers with Macintosh OSX Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6)

Wireless printing is available on certain UB Lab Printers. To use wireless printing, you need:

  • an active UB netID
  • a printer page balance (jobs sent through wireless printing are deducted from your printer page balance)
  • to add the wireless printer to your wireless device

Note: Click here for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion instructions.

The following printers are available to students:

Academic Center

(HP LaserJet M9050 PCL 6)

(HP Laserjet M9050 PCL 6)

Business Center

(HP Laserjet M9050 Series PCL 6)

(HP Laserjet M9050 Series PCL 6)


Angelos Law Center

(HP Laserjet M9050 PCL6)

(HP laserjet M9050 PCL6)

Langsdale Library

(HP Laserjet 9050 PCL6)

Instructions for OS 10.5.x-10.6

Before you begin, you need to know your UB netID and password.

Note: You will use your UB netID and password in a web address (URL) when setting up a printer. If your password contains certain special characters, it is necessary to rewrite those as a hex code when specifying it on the URL. Refer to this chart to find out how to rewrite special characters.

Mac OS 10.5.x- 10.6 Instructions

NOTE: You will need your computer's admin password and your netID and password.

  1. In the Apple menu click on Go.
  2. Select Applications then Utilities.
  3. Open Terminal.
  4. At the Terminal prompt type cd /usr/libexec/cups/backend then press the Return key.
  5. Type sudo ln –s ipp https then press Return.
  6. Enter the password for your computer, then press Return.
  7. Restart your computer. After the computer restarts you'll add a printer.
  8. In the Apple menu select System Preferences then click Print & Fax.
  9. Click the + button to add a printer.
  10. Click the Advanced button. (Where's the advanced button?)
  11. In the Advanced window, use the following settings.
    • Type: Internet Printing Protocol (https)
    • Device: Another Device
    •  For Device URL, you will enter a web address based on the name of the printer you are installing. The format for the web address is: of printer
      • : your UB netID
      • your UB netID password (see notice)
      • obtain the name of the printer from the list of printers
      • Mac Wireless Printing
    • Name:
  12. From the Print Using pulldown, choose Select a driver to use...
  13. Use the pull down list to select the printer type associated with this printer as noted in the table (e.g. HP Laserjet 8150 Series).
  14. Click Continue.
  15. Click the Add button. 

Where's the Advanced Button?

If you do not see the Advanced button in the Add Printer toolbar, follow these steps to add it:

  1. While pressing the CTRL key, click the toolbar.
  2. Select Customize Toolbar...
  3. Drag and drop the Advanced icon to the toolbar.
  4. Click Done.
Click to return to adding a printer instructions.


Changing Special Characters to a Hex Code

It is necessary to rewrite any special characters into a hex code when specifying it on the URL. This chart provides the hex code for special characters. Example: If your password was 12{34}56 you would need to rewrite it as 12%7B34%7D

Character Associated hex code Character Associated hex code
Dollar ("$") %24 Ampersand ("&") %26
Plus ("+") %2B Forward Slash ("/") %2F
Colon (":") %3A Semi-colon (";") %3B
Equals ("=") %3D Question Mark ("?") %3F
At symbol ("@") %40 Space (" ") %20
Quotation Marks %22 Pound Character ("#") %23
'Less Than' symbol ("<") %3C 'Greater Than' symbol (">") %3E
Left curley brace ("{") %7B Right curley brace ("}") %7D
Percent Character ("%") %25 Vertical Bar|Pipe ("|") %7C
Backslash ("\") %5C Caret ("^") %5E
Left Square Bracket ("[") %5B Right Square Bracket ("]") %5D
Tilde ("~") %7E Grave Accent ("`") %60


NOTE: If your password has special characters, it is necessary to rewrite them using a hex code. Use the chart above.