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Technology solutions enhance your classroom instruction and campus experience. With OTS here at UB, you can record lectures and add supplements to post online; access campus files from your phone or personal laptop; hold video conferences with anyone, anywhere who has access to the internet, and more. Read on to learn more about how you and your students can benefit from technology.

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Getting Started General Technology Classroom
Connecting Beyond
the Classroom

red Getting Started

 Your NetID is your access to campus technology. This account is created after you are hired. Once you have your employee ID number you can visit to look up your netID and set your password.

Use your netID to log into the MyUB Portal, which gives you access to:

  • Your UB e-mail
  • Online storage drives
  • Timesheet
  • Personal information
  • HR and university announcements
  • and more.

Portal is also where you access the My Faculty Center, which allows you to view your course schedule, class rosters, and to post student grades. More detailed instructions are available on the Records and Registration page.

Email: UB provides a full-featured email account with a UB address book, personal calendar, junk mail filter and more. You can access all features on and off campus. Visit the email page for setup instructions for off campus and mobile devices.

Telephone/Voicemail may be provided by your department. UB uses IP phones that offer voicemail and speech dial service as well as standard featueres like speakerphone, redial, call transfer, etc. Learn more at the Campus Phones page.

Contacting OTS: The OTS call center is located in the Academic Center, room 101. They can also be reached via phone at 410.837.6262 (or just 6262 from a campus phone) or by email at Visit their Contact Page for office hours and other useful information. Aside from technical support. OTS offers training sessions for any of the technology options listed on this page.

orange General Technology

Online Storage Drives provide you with storage space for:

  • personal use (M: drive)
  • webpage files (H: drive)
  • class files for students (S: drive), or
  • departmental/cross-departmental files (R: and T: drives).

These can be accessed through MyUB and from the Documents folder when you're logged onto a campus computer. Learn more about network drives on the Computer Accounts page. You can also request space on the H: drive for students. Visit this page for more information.

You can also request an FTP drop box for students to submit assignments. This is a good alternative for instructors who choose not to use Sakai for classes. If you're interested in either option, contact the OTS Call Center.

Software discounts for various software products are available to faculty for personal use. You can purchase discounted software or participate in a software loaner program. The UB bookstore also offers discounted software.

WiFi and Mobile Services: You can access a secure Internet connection almost anywhere on campus with your laptop or mobile device (UB supports both Android and Apple). Two networks are offered for wireless: ubalt-secure (the recommended network) and ubalt-guest. UB also offers a Computer Labs Mobile App and Mobile Email Access.

Get a full list of locations and printer options on the Wireless Access Info page. Visit the MobileIT page for more about mobile access.

Online Security:  OTS will never ask you for your password. Never give out personal information or confidential data over unsecured connections, such as emails or web pages, and don't leave it on portable storage devices (such as flash drives). Any request for personal information or passwords from any party should be verified by phone or in person. For more about Internet safety and security, visit the Online Security page.


green Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology: All classrooms have some available technology. You can schedule delivery of additional technology, including a portable computer lab.

 Lecture capture, via Panopto Course Capture, enables you to record a lecture or presentation and package it with visual aids like a slideshow, screen capture or document camera image. The packaged presentations are made available to your audience on the web, allowing them to watch the presentations live or on demand.

Technology lending provides an option to borrow technology for personal use or to arrange borrowing for student assignments. Visit the Equipment Delivery and Loans page to request technology/AV or to get technology training and support. You can also arrange to have equipment reserved for students working on assignments through the Technology for Students program.

The end of VHS: UB is no longer able to purchase new VHS players, nor do we support VHS technology. If you have VHS tapes that you would like to use for teaching, our recommended solution is to convert your class materials to a digital format. We have equipment available to convert VHS material directly to DVD. It is legal for you to make a digital copy of any of your legally-obtained material; contact OTS if you have questions or have materials you need to convert.


 purple Connecting Beyond the Classroom

UB provides a variety of tools can help you make connections and keep informed with students and colleagues.

Video conferencing is a great option for virtual meetings, including holding office hours for students. Learn more here about UB video conferencing options.

Email Distribution Lists allow you to quickly address emails to a group of people. You can choose from four types of mailing list, including lists for each class you teach. Learn more at

UB Communication tools include the Daily Digest, Calendar, and Portal Announcements.

  • Daily Digest: As a faculty member you will receive a daily email highlighting university events and opportunities. You can add announcements and events to the Daily Digest through the MyUB Portal.
  • The Calendar is another way to see and RSVP to upcoming events. You can also announce an event or speaker and create an RSVP.
  • Announcements: Portal has an announcements section with information specific to your role at UB -- either through Human Resources or specific messages from your department.

Contact the OTS Call Center for information about using these tools.

Remote access to your on-campus computer files and drives allows you to work as though you were on campus. The UB-supported programs, Citrix and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), let you view and edit documents from a Mac or PC; Citrix also allows access via iPad or iPhone. Click to learn more and download the software.

Last Published 6/17/15