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Microsoft Products

Faculty and Staff can obtain Microsoft applications for home use through two different programs:

  • the Loaner/Work at Home program
  • the Software For Personal Use program (Some Microsoft Products are not available for personal use)

Microsoft Office 365 Free for Faculty/Staff

UB Faculty/Staff can download Office 365 through the MyUB Portal for free. From your computer, login to the portal, locate the Computer Services box, and click the MS Office 365 Pro Plus Software link. From your phone, visit  Click here for more information

NOTE : To install, activate, and sign on to Office 365 always use your and your MyUB Password. 

Through the Loaner/Work at Home program, the user is borrowing the license from UB to install the application on their home system with the intent to work on UB-related files only. The application(s) must be removed from the user’s system when you separate from UB employ. Eligible Software products include Microsoft Office Professional, Visual Studio Professional, or any of their component products, regardless of version. If you need the installation media, you will purchase it from Kivuto.

The Software for Personal Use program allows the faculty and staff to purchase Microsoft and Adobe products at significantly reduced prices. The software purchased through this program is a permanent license you own directly and is not restricted to terms of your employment at UB. (Some Microsoft Products are not available for personal use)

Obtaining Software

Both programs are administered through UB's distribution partner, Kivuto . You can purchase the installation media using your Visa or MasterCard. Installation media will be shipped to the mailing address supplied at the time of purchase. Please note that only the CDs required for installation will ship, not the entire shrink-wrap boxed set of media and manuals.

Other Software Purchase Options

Faculty and staff may also take advantage of Academic Pricing available on select software products at the University Bookstore.

Last Published 6/17/15