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Our identity defines who we are.

UB logo

Get the logo into your Word document.

We all have a need to include a UB or department logo in a Word document every now and then.

Reference and print our simple how-to on how to place the logo into your document and appropriately size it.

When including the logo in a Word document, make sure you choose the EPS format.

Our identity, also known as our brand, defines UB to our audiences. We can reinforce our branding not only by ensuring consistent messaging but by visually embracing UB's characteristics as an urban institution that's invested in and supportive of the surrounding communities. Our messaging should also boldly reflect our sense of pride in educating our students for the future.

  • Where can I find the logo?

    UB and departmental logos are available to all faculty and staff on the T drive in a folder titled "UB_Logos_and_Templates." You have logo options in vertical and horizontal formats, in PNG and EPS file formats, and in blue, black and white (for placing in a colored background). We encourage you to use the UB logo along with the signature ("University of Baltimore" spelled out) whenever possible.

    This cheat sheet can help you locate the logo you need.

    You will also find UB-branded PowerPoint templates in this folder. We encourage you to use these templates for any presentation associated with your position at UB.

  • What's the difference between PNG and EPS files?

    Use the PNG file if you want to use the logo on the Web.

    Use the EPS file if you're inserting it into a Word document or including it in a document or item that will be professionally printed. If you are going to be using a professional printer, please contact the Office of University Relations (410.837.6190) for consultation.

    Note that you may not be able to open and preview these file formats on your computer, but you will not have problems importing them and viewing them once they have been inserted into your documents.

  • What are the UB colors?

    We have one official color: a bold, bright blue.

    The color build for this blue is:
    PMS 7690
    C 95  M 41  Y 10  K 0

    UB does not have a secondary color, but this doesn't mean you can't incorporate other colors into your materials.

  • How do I get the logo into my email signature?

    We recommend against including an image of any type in your signature. Email clients process images in different ways, so including an image in your signature runs the risk that a recipient receives that image as an email attachment or a tiny box with a pesky red X.

    Learn more about email signatures.

  • Are there UB-branded PowerPoint templates that I can use?

    Funny you should ask. Yes, there are. You can find them on the T drive in a folder titled "UB_Logos_and_Templates." Once there, click on the folder labeled "UB PowerPoint Templates."

Last Published 10/2/15