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Positions at the ALC

  • Tutor

    Tutors work with students in their areas of expertise. Tutors help students make academic progress, while promoting independent learning and self-reliance.

    The tutor's goal in individual or small group tutoring sessions is to engage students in a discussion of the course content, answer questions and/or explain general concepts. Our tutors aid students in their overall comprehension of the course material, without giving away the "answers."

    Individuals who are interested in careers in teaching, training, management or a helping field will gain valuable experience as an ARC tutor. In addition, tutors find that the tutoring process reinforces their own mastery of the subject matter, affords them greater access to faculty and college administrators, and develops coaching and other human development skills essential to successful managers. Some tutors go on to teach part-time at UB and other universities.

    Tutors receive at least four hours of paid training prior to beginning the job and an additional eight hours within the next few months. Successful completion of the training plus 25 hours of peer tutoring at UB enables the tutor to qualify for certification from the College Reading & Learning Association.

    Basic Requirements

    1. If you are interested in tutoring a particular course contact Nancy Bates (410.837.5387) to verify our current course needs. To be a tutor, you need:
    2. To have taken the particular course you are interested in tutoring at UB, and have received a letter grade of B+ or better. (Quantitative and computer graphics courses may be exceptions.)
    3. Submit an application to the Achievement and Learning Center, AC 113.
    4. Be selected for an interview, and successfully complete the interview process.
    5. Supply a positive faculty reference in the subject area of interest.
    6. Possess excellent communication skills, and the ability to work with a diverse student body.
    7. Successfully complete a minimum of four hours of paid training before beginning the job. Training can be completed either online or in person.

    Pay and Benefits

    The position offers paid training, in person or online, including paid attendance at a regional Tutoring Conference held at UB, an opportunity to become certified, and a pay rate of $10-$15 per hour. Math/statistics tutors may be stationed in ALC up to 10-15 hours per week. They may arrange appointments with students on an individual basis. Tutors in other subjects do not generally work fixed hours. Instead they schedule their own appointments after examining their class schedules and commitments as well as the needs of the students they will be helping. Tutors are also eligible to enroll in ALC workshops for free on a space-available basis.

    How to Apply

    Print a copy of the tutor application by clicking on the link below, complete it and deliver to the Achievement and Learning Center, AC 113, or fax to 410.837.6244.

    Tutor Application (PDF)

  • Customer Service Assistant | Work Study Preferred 

    Goal: Provide exceptional customer service to everyone inquiring about or using Achievement and Learning Center services. Assist students as receptionist and provide support to internal staff through various projects.

    Pay: $9-10/hour
    Employees are also eligible to enroll in any of our workshops free of charge on a space-available basis.
    Good resume builder for Marketing and Human Resource Management majors as well as others interested in a career in customer service.

    10-20 hours per week. Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m., and Friday 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.

    Job Duties:
    Greeting and assisting internal and external customers, making appointments, xeroxing, filing, wordprocessing, data entry and providing clerical support for office staff.

    - Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills
    - Ability to work in team environment as well as independently
    - Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook- calendar and e-mail)

    Preferred: Knowledge of Microsoft Access

    Customer Service Application

  • Conversation Partner | Work Study Preferred 

    The Conversation Partner Program connects people from different cultures through conversation. Conversation Partners meet weekly with non-native English speakers (either one-to-one or in small groups of 3-4) to help students build conversational fluency. Meetings last for one to two hours per week at a location you determine with your partner. Meetings are not limited to the UB campus, which allows for excursions to help expand your partner’s learning environment.

    Qualifications include the willingness to learn more about other cultures and countries, seeing America through someone else's eyes, making friends from other countries and helping international students practice English and learn about American culture. Some of the suggested activities that can take place with your partner would be to attend UB events, attend other cultural events that occur in and around the Baltimore region, eat out or cook, celebrate traditional "American" holidays, shop, go to a movie, or attend a sporting event.

    Pay: $10-12.50 per hour

    To apply: Complete the Conversation Partner application and submit to Cydney Delia in the Achievement and Learning Center, AC 113, 1420 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201,, 410.837.5366. Fax: 410.837.6244.

    Application to become a Conversation Partner

  • Success Coach 

    A peer adviser is a veteran student who serves as a guide to new students during their first weeks at UB by sharing information, showing them around and answering questions.

  • Publicity Assistant | Work Study Preferred

    We are looking for creative and meticulous designers who want to build their portfolios. This position requires the ability to work independently with some art direction and an appreciation for UB's style guide. This job entails upkeep of Web pages and events calendar in addition to updating and creating brochures, flyers and posters. New ideas for promoting our office are welcome and opportunities to create videos, take photographs, etc. are determined by your level of ambition.

    Pay: $10/hr
    Hours: 10-20 hours per week

    Excellent resume-builder for Corporate Communications/Publications Design/MFA majors.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Create, update and manage all promotional communications for ALC services
    • Maintain bulletin boards, Web site, Web calendar, social media and printed materials
    • Support staff by assisting with special projects requiring design and production
    • Tutor UB students in Adobe Creative Suite programs
    • Decorate the office for holidays and parties

    Required skills: Excellent communication skills; great attention to detail; ability to work on multiple tasks and meet deadlines; familiarity with basic HTML and content management systems; knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite

    To apply: Submit resume, cover letter, application and samples of work to Achievement and Learning Center, University of Baltimore, 1420 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201;; 410.837.5383, AC 113.


Last Published 6/17/15