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UB's Helen P. Denit Honors Program

Become a Helen P. Denit Honors Scholar and immerse yourself in experiences that will shape your undergraduate education in ways you never thought possible.

Derick Ebert, Baltimore's first youth poet laureate

Denit honors student Derick Ebert was namedĀ Baltimore City's first youth poet laureate. Read more about how he wants to use his voice to discuss social justice issues, masculinity and the challenge young people face with identity.

We share a goal: You have things you want to do in lifeā€”passions, causes, things you've believed in and dreamed about for as long as you can remember....

Denit Honors has a passion, too: We want to help you get there.

To do that, we'll help prepare you for the new century by empowering you with the skills and habits of mind that are necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasing interdependent world.

You'll do what you do.

Practically speaking, this means that you will become a vital part of a University-wide community of thinkers, doers, strivers, motivators and leaders. You'll network. You'll be challenged and inspired, every day of the week.

  • Amanda Grant, B.A. '14, in Nicaragua
    Amanda Grant, B.A. '14

    about an honors program trip to Guatemala: "It was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had. ... I'm proud to [have been] in an honors program that encourages hands-on learning, cultural diversity and personal development."

  • group of volunteering honors students
    Samantha Moseley

    "I loved volunteering with Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity for two days building a deserving family's new home, but the reflection dinner really made me understand why it was so important and how much I contributed to the family and the city. The funny thing is that I feel like I benefited the most. Thank you for this rewarding experience."

  • a group of honors students in Nicaragua
    Adnan Hameed, B.S. '14, graduate Negotiations and Conflict Management student

    second from left with a group of honors students on a trip to Nicaragua: "Learning new languages and cultures is what matters to me. Travel has helped me to appreciate people the way they are and has shown me the importance and power of diversity."

Last Published 7/15/15