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Customize Your Honors Education

The Helen P. Denit Honors Program offers three distinct levels of honors achievement.
Each is customized to enhance and maximize your individual learning experience.

In the Honors program, you will:

  • apply knowledge to new issues and questions;
  • navigate and act responsibility within and across disciplines, professions, cultures, and communities;
  • judge when and how to use technology to work, collaborate, and communicate effectively in all realms.


Level 1: University Honors

Helen P. Denit University Honors is designed for native freshmen and transfer freshmen and sophomores. University Honors seeks to enhance a student’s experience. It offers honors sections of general education and other lower division courses, many of which come together to form innovative honors learning communities. Like all Denit honors courses, these courses are small and selective; focus on learning by doing and discussing; and are staffed by the university’s best educators. Professors in these courses often take students on field trips, bring in outside speakers and experts, and engage our students in relevant and important projects. 

Level 2: College Honors

The Helen P. Denit College Honors Programs are primarily geared toward students who have declared or transferred into a major in one of the three undergraduate-degree granting colleges. Although all college-level honors programs share some common characteristics, each is uniquely tailored to meet the needs and maximize the experiences of its own students. These honors experiences are intended to build on and further develop the broad base of skills and knowledge established by University Honors in ways that makes them applicable to a student’s area of interest. Depending on the student’s major, this distinction is called Helen P. Denit Arts and Sciences Honors, Helen P. Denit Business Honors, or Helen P. Denit Public Affairs Honors.

Level 3: Program Honors

Some degree programs at the University of Baltimore offer even more specialized experiences for their honors students. Like the college-level honors programs, these program-level experiences are aimed at students who have declared or transferred into a major in one of the three undergraduate-degree granting colleges. Building on the foundation established by its college-level honors program, a program-level honors curriculum seeks to provide its honors students with opportunities and experiences that strengthen their abilities and deepen their familiarity with a specific subject matter. Because each degree program at the University of Baltimore is different, there is a wide range of honors experiences and expectations at the program level.

Since each level offers its own unique and relevant experiences, the Helen P. Denit Honors Program encourages students to pursue, as appropriate, multiple levels of achievement over the course of their careers at the University of Baltimore.