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Fall 2012 Part-Time Evening Learning Community

This learning community is for students enrolled in UB's Part-Time Evening Option.

Speak with your adviser in the Office of Freshman Advising before registering for this learning community; she can help you register for the correct courses.

  • Business: Making the World a Better Place

    Can a for-profit business actually help improve our world? Do businesses focus exclusively on financial gain, or is social responsibility important as well? Can successful business owners care about such causes as social justice, environmental stewardship and social change, thereby doing the right thing for all of their stakeholders? What is the role business ethics play in everyday transactions? What is the dialogue regarding the issues within these organizations, and how is that dialogue best communicated both internally and publicly? In this learning community, you'll examine how successful businesses can become value centered and achieve a balance between profits and being socially responsible. You'll also explore and debate how values affect an organization's mission, approach to management, hiring and operational policies, marketing strategies, financial practices and its role in society.

    The courses you'll take:
    Business in a Changing World
    Communicating Effectively