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10 Best Reasons to Choose UB

10. Knowledge That Works for you.
Just as it's worked for our students who walk across the stage at graduation and into jobs like Web designer, Secret Service agent, campaign manager, global marketing specialist and so many others.

9. We've got game.
We're growing every year with new buildings, green technologies and cutting-edge majors. Like our Simulation and Digital Entertainment program that literally encourages you to think about playing all day.

8. Keep the change.
We insist, and here's proof: more than 90 percent of our students receive some type of financial aid. As a public university, our cost is a fraction of what you'll pay at other schools.

7. Our basketball team is undefeated.
Our student team, that is. They consistently wipe the floor with the faculty team in our annual BeeBall Classic. We don't have big-time athletics, but you can join one of our 60-plus student clubs or play intramural sports. It's up to you. At UB, student life isn't about standing on the sidelines.

6. Get your own personal trainer.
We're here to help whether you want to take honors classes or boost your GPA. And our Professional Development Institute gets you ready for real life beyond graduation with one-on-one planning and prep that can begin as soon as you arrive at UB.

5. You'll be in the middle of everything.
We're in the heart of Maryland's largest city. That means internships, the Orioles and the Ravens, museums, concerts, great food, public transportation and 120,000 area college students. No wonder Baltimore is ranked among the best college towns nationwide.

4. UB housing: Make your friends jealous.
Because you won't have to share a bunk bed or a mini fridge. Here, living on campus means a spacious apartment of your choice just a short walk from campus.

3. Size matters.
And UB is the perfect size: large enough to have a law school and graduate programs, yet small enough so that you count.

2. Our faculty are real people.  Really.
Sure, they're really smart and they've got Ph.D.s (86 percent of them have the highest degrees in their fields), but they're also very approachable. And because they come from careers in the real world, they've got real connections to the fields you're interested in.

1. You!
Your UB experience will be completely your own. It's about what you bring to the table, the decisions you make and the options you choose. Apply today.