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Engage your network

It's not who you know. It's who you get  to know.

Engaging your network to make something happen is crucial. Your network can lead you to the right people who can open doors for you. Every effort helps.

With your list of target organizations from your Action Plan in hand, ask everyone you know whether they can introduce you to anyone affiliated with one of the companies on your list. It need not be the hiring manager, but anyone within the company who can ultimately lead you to the person you'll need to convince should hire you.


  1. Ask to meet with your referral for 20 minutes maximum
  2. Ask relevant opinion questions about trends and opportunities
  3. Get additional referrals by asking who else you might speak with
  4. Do not ask for a job; only for information that can lead to a job
  5. Follow up with a proper "thank you"
  6. Keep the process going, never running out of names, until you start your new job