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I'm in Contract Management in the Office of Disability Systems at the Social Security Administration while going to school at UB for my Masters in Public Administration. My strategic plan is to transition to senior management at the agency within the next five years. I have a special affinity for the mission of Social Security to help parents make a better life for kids as I was able to do through their contribution to my son's development. Once I achieve senior levels in my current organization, I will be eligible to apply my talents to other positions in the federal government that are near and dear to my heart. Another of my strengths is coaching and mentoring. Since the Career Center helped me accomplish my goals, I would like to give back by working with students to help them find their way.

Apriel Owens, MPA

I'm applying for early entrance into the Publications Design masters program. Hopefully I'll be taking one masters class in Spring '12 and two masters classes in Fall '12. Once I finish my Pub Design major, I'd like to work for the PR department in an academic institution. Having worked in the Registrar’s Office at Anne Arundel Community College and in the Student Life Office at UB, I know the college world. Eventually I'd like to get an MFA and possibly teach.

Andrew Persaud, corporate communications

I have always been interested in criminal justice and have returned to school to complete my degree having won a Wilson's Presidential Scholarship Award. I would like to work with kids in the court system, combining my early studies in elementary education with my interest in the juvenile justice court system. I hope to practice as an advocate for victims or as a probation officer for juveniles. While completing my education, I have served as a Peer Advisor, a volunteer for the Law Clinic, an Honors Program Ambassador and President of the Criminal Justice Association. I am an older student and I want to set an example for my daughter.

Kristen Piscopo, criminal justice

I was born an artist and discovered my talent at an early age. I left Ghana in order to study graphic design in the United States for two reasons. First, the options for studying for a masters in graphic design their were limited to only one institution; and second, I wanted to broaden my scope to incorporate Western designs. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design, I transferred to UB where I will complete my Masters in Publications Design. My goal is to become a graphic designer in print production, advertising, marketing and IT. In the long term, I would like to return to Ghana and create more opportunities for artists in my country.

Eric Owusu, publications design

I want to practice Immigration Law and help people like my family who come to America for a prosperous and successful new life. Having studied Political Science as an undergraduate at Towson University, I started out as an intern in the Baltimore City Council’s Office and worked for Council Member Mary Pat Clark and Council President Jack Young. I would like to eventually work for the Federal Government in the Department of State and will take the Foreign Service Exam. Right now I am focused on taking the bar exam and making connections. While in Law School I have served as Co-President of the South Asian Law Students’ Association and Co-President of the International Law Society..

Divya Potdar, law

Where do you belong?

You are looking for your "sweet spot," where the world needs what you have to offer. Learn about the trends in your field, the problems that you want to solve, the challenges that you can tackle. Find out where you can best contribute your wonderful talents, interests and skills in the real world.

This phase includes:

An outcome of this stage in the Career Cycle will be the creation of your Professional Pitch that tells the world what you are all about. Check out these students' pitches and get ready to write your own.