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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is one-on-one mentoring through PDI?

    A mentor is a more experienced person who has volunteered to build a trusting relationship with a less experienced person for the purpose of providing guidance and support toward collaboratively established goals. PDI Mentoring is an interactive process between a mentor and a student which is centrally focused on the career and professional development of students. Through discovery and strategic action, effective one-on-one mentoring provides both the student and the mentor with overall personal growth and opportunities for career and professional development.

  • Who can request a PDI Mentor?

    Any actively enrolled UB student may request a PDI Mentor.

  • Why should I request a PDI Mentor?

    Students should request a mentor to discover ways to:

    • Interact with an objective source of encouragement, support and challenge.
    • Boost self-confidence and self-awareness.
    • Identify meaningful, achievable goals.
    • Develop a plan to achieve your academic and career development goals.
    • Balance work, school and life.
    • Think from a different perspective.
    • Build a social and career network.
  • When can I request a PDI mentor?

    We have open application periods just before and at the start of fall and spring semesters. Check the Student Information page or click the link below for the online application.

  • How do I become a PDI Mentor?

    To become a PDI Mentor, you must:

    • Hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
    • Obtain, complete and submit a PDI Mentor Application.
    • Contact Ray McCree, director of the Career and Professional Development Center.
    • If selected, attend a day-long, on-campus Mentor Orientation.
  • Who are mentors?

    PDI Mentors are successful professionals at UB. They are a select group of UB faculty, staff and alumni who hold at minimum a bachelor's degree and have a wide range of professional experience. They are ready to help support and guide students through completion of PDI requirements, discuss their career goals and objectives, and provide advice as deemed appropriate. As volunteers, they bring to the mentoring experience a passion for helping students maximize their full potential.

  • How are mentors assigned to a student?

    Staff members from both PDI and the Career and Professional Development Center will match mentors with students. The match will be based on the best fit between:

    • the student's personal development
    • the mentor’s educational background and professional expertise
    • personality strengths, and
    • time availability (schedules).
  • What's the mentoring time commitment?

    A minimum of one hour of contact time per mentee per month during the semester is required for fostering a successful, productive partnership. More time may be necessary depending on a student's particular goals. Mentoring relationships are generally expected to last at least six months or until a student graduates.

  • How do mentors and students communicate?

    Mentors may vary communication modes for mentoring sessions. A combination of face-to-face, phone, and email communication can produce meaningful results.

  • Who is the Professional Development Institute coordinator?

    Please contact Ray McCree, director of the Career and Professional Development Center, for more information.

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