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Program Requirements

Kari and KennyWith the help of your mentor, you will complete a series of requirements to obtain your Professional Development Institute (PDI) certificate.

Your PDI certificate is made up of three components:

– Program requirements for all participants:

  • Complete StrengthsQuest assessment to determine your top talent themes
  • Complete pre-program self-assessment
  • Attend Kickoff event or receive orientation to program
  • Connect with mentor (in person, phone, e-mail or online) a recommended minimum of once a month during the semester
  • Create/update resume with Career and Professional Development Center
  • Create UBworks profile (LinkedIn profile optional)
  • Complete Professional Development Plan in consultation with mentor
  • Complete post-program self-assessment

– Four areas of focus you will address through workshops, activities or experiences, in consultation with your mentor:

  • Global Awareness (complete two experiences)
    Learning Goal: Connect knowledge with choices and actions that engage others in diverse local and global communities
  • Communication (complete two experiences)
    Learning Goal: Communicate effectively in various media.
  • Ethics and Leadership (complete two experiences)
    Learning Goal: Acquire knowledge about models of ethical behavior and understand its implications in the development of personal and professional relationships
  • Personal and Professional Competence (complete two experiences)
    Learning Goal: Apply strategies that enhance professional and personal competence

Practical Experience
– One or more experiences connected to your career goals that you will complete, in consultation with your mentor:

  • Academic or professional research
  • Achievement and Learning Center tutor
  • Internship/Cooperative Education
  • Officer role in student organizations or student government
  • Officer role in sports club
  • Sports team captain
  • Peer Network Advisor
  • Presentation at a conference or workshop
  • Substantial volunteer or service experience
  • Study abroad
  • Work experience related to career goals/On-campus employment
  • Other (with mentor’s approval)

Students completing PDI will:

  • Create and revise a resume
  • Prepare for and practice a job interview
  • Develop a comfort level with public speaking
  • Identify and discuss personal strengths, and learn to maximize them
  • Develop an appreciation for the diversity of cultures in our global society
  • Learn and practice leadership and ethical decision-making
  • Connect and deepen these experiences through coaching and reflection
  • Develop an action plan for personal and professional growth