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Strengths and UB21

Thanks to a grant awarded by UB21, four UB staff members were able to attend the Certificate in Strengths-Based Education training offered through the Gallup organization's Clifton Strengths School. This five-course, online curriculum—Gallup's "most comprehensive professional development program"—was completed between September 2012 and February 2013 with each participant earning their certificate to assist in further implementation of strengths on our campus through various avenues such as new student orientation, IDIS curriculum, the Professional Development Institute, student leadership, staff development, student employee training, and more. As a result of these efforts, our community of unique and talented individuals can expect to find more opportunities around campus to delve deeper into strengths-based learning for increasing engagement and well-being in work, school and life.

Graduates of Clifton Strengths School's Certificate in Strengths-Based Education

  • Bill Schnirel, executive director of Student Development
  • Kari Osborne, assistant dean of students, Office of Community Life and the Dean of Students
  • Myra Waters, director of counseling services, Counseling Center
  • Meredith Barr, manager, career and professional services, Career and Professional Development Center

Courses Completed

  • CSS 100HE: Strengths Educator for Higher Education
  • CSS 200HE: Mentoring and Advising Program
  • CSS 300HE: Hope, Engagement, and Wellbeing of America's Students
  • CSS 400HE: Campuswide Development of Strengths and Impact Measures
  • Capstone Course: Strengths Analysis, Application and Impact Planning

Please feel free to contact any one of us by clicking our names above to discuss strengths-based educational opportunities or visit this page to submit a request for assessment codes and training.