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The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement fosters life-long learning and personal development of students by enriching co-curricular education and creating purposeful connections built and promoted through their experiences in student programming and professional experiences.


We seek to foster a community of engaged students that is cultivated by holistic learning and development through innovative programs, activities, and services that promote student success.


Collaboration: We value partnership and cooperation amongst groups and individuals in order to provide valuable and intentional experiences, events and programs.

Innovation: We are committed to new and innovative ideas for programming and services which will encourage student participation.

Self-efficacy: We are committed to encouraging each student in the discovery of their personal strengths; while learning how to manage real world situations through practical decision making in an educational environment.

Fun: We value a fun experience “where education and fun collide,” which creates community and tradition at UB.

Last Published 6/17/15