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Participant in the Weight Lifting Challenge

Weight Lifting Challenge

We regret to inform you that the Spring 2014 Weight Lifting Challenge has been cancelled.

  • Fall 2013 Results

    Division First Place Second Place
    Student Dominique Clement Shanna Germain
    Veteran Benz Armstrong N/A
    Staff Margaret Gillingham N/A
    Division First Place Second Place
    Student Andrew Gerlowski Michael Tyler
    Veteran Matt Folele N/A
    Staff Christophor Jennings Dan Gerlowski
  • Name Division Reps
    Alicia Hanf Female Student 41
    Timothy Lee Flannigan Male Student 43
    Micailah Brock Female Staff 40
    Kevin Stewart Male Staff 16
    Benz Armstrong Female Veteran 49
    Stephen McFarlane Male Veteran 25
  • Fall 2012 Results

    Name Division Reps
    Janiqua Daniels Female Student 25
    Andrew Gerlowski Male Student 37
    Micailah Brock Female Staff 40
    Chris Jennings Male Staff 35
    Benz Armstrong Female Veteran 26
    Thomas Burger Male Veteran 15
  • Spring 2012 Results

    Male Students
    Name Weight Lifted Reps
    Andrew Gerlowski 140 LBS. 36
    Nathaniel Chapman 130 LBS. 35
    Andrew Greene 145 LBS. 34
    John Leppler 125 LBS. 34
    Female Students
    Name Weight Lifted Reps
    Kate Smith 55 LBS. 40
    Kelly Spigel 45 LBS. 25
    Male Faculty/Staff
    Name Weight Lifted Reps
    Chris Jennings 155 LBS. 33
    John Pellegrini 135 LBS. 20
    Dan Gerlowski 215 LBS. 12
    Paul Moniodis 160 LBS. 12
    Male Veterans
    Name Weight Lifted Reps
    Nick Watt 160 LBS. 20
    Antonio Howard 200 LBS. 1
  • Fall 2010 Results

    Male Students
    Name Reps
    Kevin Stern 34
    Ben Hebert 33
    James Clark 32
    Reginald Smallwood 32
    Barrett Weems 30
    Male Faculty/Staff
    Name Reps
    Christopher Jennings 35
    James Meekins 21
    Nick Owens 14
    Female Students
    Name Reps
    Rachel Kesselman 48
    Patricia Anyanwu 31
    Kristina Foster 18
    Hanna Nasir 18
    Angelina Afriyie 17
    Female Faculty/Staff
    Name Reps
    Margaret Gillingham 70
    Chante Callaway 4
  • Spring 2010 Results

    Male Students
    Name Reps
    Brendon Ayanbadejo 41
    Dustin Mayo 39
    Boramy Hengburg 38
    Augushue Nuyba 37
    Matt Tucker 33
    Male Faculty/Staff
    Name Reps
    Christopher Jennings 27
    James Meekins 17
    Nick Owens 13
    Phil Thompson 13
    Donald Brown 5
    Female Students
    Name Reps
    Rachel Kesselman 54
    Tierra Simmons 30
    Jasmine Coleman 30
    April Dao Samols 29
    Melissa Brown 28
    Female Faculty/Staff
    Name Reps
    Tamara Simmons 16
        • Rules

          Participants who are male will Bench approximately 80% of their body weight for reps and female participants will bench approximately 40% BW for reps.

          All weights lifted shall be rounded to the nearest 5 pound increment.

          The highest number of reps wins. If there is a tie, then participant that pressed more weight wins. If there is a tie in reps &weight, then the person whose birth date is closest to the day of competition will break the tie.

          Each Participant will be weighed before the lift and give their birth date.

          No weightlifting equipment will be allowed. This includes: -Bench press shirts -Wrist wraps -Wrist straps -Athletic tape -Lifting shoes -Weightbelts -Hand chalk

          The Pressing motion must be done in a perpendicular plane (Arms at exactly 90 degrees to the body).

          Grip must be shoulder width or slightly wider. With bar lying across your chest, and hands gripping the bar, your forearms must be perpendicular to the floor (elbows at 90 degrees).

          Range of motion = Bar must touch the chest or the hands must be adjacent to the chest at the “bottom” of the Range of Motion, and elbows fully extended at the “top”.

          You may not bounce the bar off of your chest.

          If the lifter begins to struggle, the spotter (referee/fitness assistant) will give the lifter a chance to complete the lift. However if the bar ceases to ascend, begins to descend, or the lifter’s form falters, the spotter will help the lifter rack the weight. This particular rep will not be counted.

          Back and Hips must stay on the bench/seat at all times.

          Feet must stay on the ground at all times.

          Hyperextension/extreme arching of the lower back will not be allowed as determined by the judge.

          Any deviation from the rules stated above will result in disqualification.

          All participants must fill out a waiver. 

For more information, or for questions about the next weight lifting challenge, contact the Wellness Center at 410.837.5305 or via e-mail at

Last Published 6/17/15