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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Those who teach, DO: CAS Scholarship Day

What do your faculty do when not teaching? Find out.

The College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Day features research-based and creative presentations by CAS faculty and staff, including an interactive "fishbowl" discussion on Living and Learning in a Digital World at 1:15 p.m.

Tuesday, March 4
Learning Commons, second floor

9 a.m.: posters
9:30 a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m.: panels and discussions

Faculty, staff and students are welcome!

Full Schedule

Poster Session & Breakfast, 9:-9:30 a.m.
Learning Commons, second floor

Modified Method and Use of Accuplacer's Math Placement Test

  • John Brenner, Office of Academic Foundations and Transitions
  • Ronnie Brown, Developmental Mathematics
  • Carey Miller, Office of Academic Foundations and Transitions

CAS Welcomes Spotlight UB

  • Kimberley Lynne, Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Teaching Introductory Programming Through Reusable Learning Objects

  • Giovanni Vincenti, Division of Science, Information Arts, and Technologies

Session 1, 9:30-10:50 a.m.

Creative Writing At UB: LC 201

  • Chair: Jane Delury Klein Family School of Communications Design
  • Kendra Kopelke, SCD
  • Betsy Boyd, SCD
  • Stephen Matanle, SCD
  • Jonathan Shorr, SCD
  • Marion Winik, SCD

Looking Again: Cross-Disciplinary Connections: LC 203

  • Chair: Fiona Glade, University Writing Program
  • Jeffrey Hoover, SCD, “Combining Arts with Electroacoustic Music”
  • Natalie Burclaff and Catherine Johnson, Langsdale Library/SIAT, “Making Social Media Meaningful: Connecting Missions and Policies”
  • Frank Edgerton Martin, SCD, “Where the Civil War Began: Using Integrated Historic and Ecological Research to Plan the Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area”
  • Roger Friskey, SCD, “Songwriting: Creativity and Audience Connection”

Law, Life, and Death: LC 211

  • Chair: Brian Etheridge, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Stephanie Gibson, SCD, “The Machinery of Death”
  • Jeffrey Sawyer, Division of Legal, Ethical, and Historical Studies, “English Law and the Laws of Servitude in Early Maryland”
  • James Taggart, LEHS
  • Joshua Kassner, LEHS

Session 2, 11 a.m.-12:20 p.m.

Games Studies Across Society: LC 210

  • Chairs: Bridget Blodgett and Anastasia Salter, SIAT
  • Greg Walsh, SIAT
  • Sujan Shrestha, SIAT

Applying an Integrated International Learning Framework: LC 201

  • Chair: Sharon Glazer, Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences
  • Sharon Glazer, ABS
  • Thomas Mitchell, ABS
  • John Bates, ABS
  • Steven Scalet, LEHS

The Local, the Global and the Personal: LC 203

  • Chair: Sandy Hill, CAS
  • BoRam Yi, LEHS, “Prelude to Conflicts: The Colonial Legacy and the Origins of the Korean War”
  • Kathryn Summers, SIAT, “Usable, Accessible Online Ballot Marking in Maryland”
  • Courtney Gasser, ABS, “Career Interventions at UB: Job Search Groups and the Career Quest Course”
  • Sally Farley, ABS, “Detecting Sexual Orientation via Voice: Are There Situational Influences on Accuracy?”

People as Pattern Makers: LC 211

  • Chair: Julie Simon, SCD
  • T.J. O'Donnell, SCD, “Selling the World’s Worst Hotel: Employing Design Research as Creative Methodology”
  • Joseph Fioramonti, SCD, “Designing Successful Activism”
  • Ronald Castanzo, SIAT, “The Prehistoric Archaeology of Central Mexico”
  • Stanley Kemp, SIAT, “Bringing Back Biodiversity of our Urban Streams: The Role Played by Basic Understanding of Urban Aquatic Ecosystems”
  • Wolf T. Pecher, SIAT, “Salt loving Microorganisms as Markers for Road Salt Contamination in Watersheds”

Faculty/Staff Lunch and Open Discussion, 12:20-1:15 p.m., LC 103

Plenary Fishbowl, 1:15-2 p.m., LC 201
Living and Learning in a Digital World

  • Chair: Bridget Blodgett, SIAT
  • Anastasia Salter, SIAT
  • Joseph Wood, Provost
  • Sean Carton, Center for Digital Communication, Commerce and Culture
  • Nancy O'Neill, Bank of America Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology
  • Paul Walsh, CELTT/OTS

Session 3, 2-3:20 p.m.

The Local and (Il)legal: LC 201

  • Chair: Daniel Page, CAS
  • Michele Cotton, LEHS, “An Unrepresented Litigant in Baltimore's District Court: A Case Study on Access to Justice”
  • Kelly Carr, SCD, “Good Faith, Diversity, and Academic Freedom: Evolving Arguments about Affirmative Action”
  • Charity Fox, SCD, “Manifest Mercenary: William Walker and The War in Nicaragua (1860)”
  • Betsy Nix, LEHS, “Sweat Equity, Physical Education at the Bryn Mawr School for Girls”

Out There: Books and the Curious Reader: LC 203

  • Chair: Nancy O'Neill, CELTT
  • Kristen M. Eyssell, ABS, “What's it all About? The Motivational Structure of Existential Curiosity”
  • Nancy Kang, SCD, “Audre Lorde Reincarnate: Reading and Comparing Dee Rees' Pariah”
  • Arthur Magida, SCD, “The Fine Art of Book Proposals; aka, How to Write a Successful Book Proposal in 12,867 Steps”
  • Betty Landesman, Langsdale, “Evaluating Open Access Publishers: How to Determine if They're ‘Predatory’”

How Things Work: LC 211

  • Chair: Stephanie Gibson, SCD
  • Steven D. Cohen, SCD, “Leadership in the Classroom: Empowering Students to Step Back and Step Up”
  • Betsy Greenleaf Yarrison, SCD, “The Real Rules: Aaron Sorkin's West Wing cycle as Aristotelian Tragedy”
  • Haitham Alkhateeb, SIAT, “Making Mathematics More Visual Using Algebra Tiles”
  • Diedre Badejo, SCD, “From Field Research to Film: A Sacred Journey in Ways of Knowing"