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College of Arts and Sciences

Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies


Labs: Our state-of-the-art science and computer labs are your playground for experimentation and discovery.

  • Several labs support programming, network administration, information security, 3-D graphics, and computer game and application development for our Applied Information Technology and Simulation and Digital Entertainment programs. The information security lab provides students with access to networking hardware, including network switches, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPN servers.
  • Our environmental research lab contains equipment and materials that allow environmental science faculty and students to investigate local ecosystems at molecular, microscopic and organismal levels. On the second floor of the Academic Center, this lab is a designated Biosafety Level 2 research facility and supports both faculty and student research projects.
  • Our general science lab, on the fourth floor of the Academic Center, is outfitted with 24 workstations and provides a hands-on environment for students to put their knowledge into practice.
  • The UB Usability Lab boasts a full range of usability and user-research services to support university and industry research needs. It is available for student research and includes video and audio recording as well as the latest screen-capture and eye-tracking technologies.