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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Creative Writing & Publishing Arts

Applications are being accepted for Fall 2014!

Danielle Ariano

Creative nonfiction alum Danielle Ariano '13 has recently published in the Huffington Post, Baltimore Fishbowl and the Baltimore City Paper, and posts regularly on her blog at The Quill. A Loyola grad, Dani works as a cabinetmaker -- in fact, she built our Plork podium — and is a pretty good surfer. Her thesis book is called "Getting Over The Rainbow."

Top Reasons Our Students Picked UB

  • "You'll walk away with your own published book!"
  • "Artsy, affordable Baltimore."
  • "The emphasis on personal creativity."
  • "I'm a visual person and I want to study book arts."
  • "I learned so much about my writing and myself when I made my own book!"
  • "Plork."
  • "I want to be prepared to teach after grad school."
  • "The faculty is amazing."
  • "Poetry, fiction, and nonfiction: I want to try them all."
  • "Super cool reading series."
  • "I have a job and need to go to school at night."
  • "Real-world advice about publishing."
  • "Impressive alumni."
  • "A chance to work on a national literary journal, Passager, Welter, or Cobalt."
  • "Recommended by Poets and Writers magazine."

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