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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

DVMA Course Descriptions

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  • DVMA 93 Introductory Algebra (3 institutional credits)

    Develops skills that are essential background for an intermediate algebra course. Topics include a brief review of fundamentals of arithmetic and pre-algebra. As much as possible, the course is applications oriented. Elementary algebra topics include real number operations, variable expression, polynomial operations, factoring of polynomials, operations with rational expressions, linear equations in one or two variables, systems of linear equations, linear inequalities, solving quadratic equations by factoring, properties of radical expressions and solutions of applications problems.

  • DVMA 95 Intermediate Algebra (3 institutional credits)

    Develops midlevel algebra skills that are essential background for a college-level mathematics course. Topics include a brief review of basic algebra, linear equations and inequalities (including graphs), factoring quadratic expressions, quadratic equations (including graphs), fractional algebraic expressions, exponents and radicals. prerequisite: adequate score on placement test or successful completion of DVMA 93