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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

DVRW Course Descriptions

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  • DVRW 90 College Reading and Writing I (3 institutional credits)

    Helps students develop college-level reading skills, including using new and specialized vocabulary appropriately in writing and speaking; identifying, understanding and analyzing key parts of a text; and applying systematic reading methods to increasingly complex reading assignments in textbooks, academic articles and other required reading materials. Students also improve their college-level writing skills as they learn to adopt and adapt recursive writing processes, develop the parts of an academic essay and write coherent short expository essays for a variety of purposes and audiences using a variety of patterns of organization.

  • DVRW 95 College Reading and Writing II (2 institutional credits)

    Develops students' confidence in their ability to plan, organize, develop and edit their writing in response to college-level writing tasks through a focus on development of clear, coherent paragraphs and longer essays with emphasis on basic grammar and sentence-combining skills, formulation of thesis statements, development of ideas and increased competence in writing about reading.