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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

UNIV Course Descriptions

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  • UNIV 201 Sophomore Seminar: Intellectual Transitions (3)

    Serves as a bridge from the first year to a student's major area of study, building on skills gained in  First-Year Seminar: Introduction to University Learning, learning communities and other general-education courses. All sophomores participate in a common academic experience designed to enhance their critical-thinking and to enable them to make connections among their academic work, personal aspirations and professional goals. Students engage a common reading across seminar sections, exploring academic discourse in broad areas, and apply core skills in communication, research, information literacy and team building to real-world issues. prerequisite: WRIT 101; prerequisite or corequisite: IDIS 110 (may be waived for students who enroll with 45 credits or more)  [CTE]