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Merrick School of Business

Alan Randolph

Alan Randolph, Ph.D.

Professor of International Business and Leadership

Department of Management and International Business
Office: Business Center 547
Phone: 410.837.4984
Personal Web Site:

  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
  • M.S., University of Massachusetts
  • Graduate Courses, University of North Carolina
  • B.I.E., Georgia Institute of Technology

W. Alan Randolph is professor of international business and leadership. His graduate courses develop real world expertise using international projects and focused study tours to a variety of developed and developing countries. His research focuses on cultures of empowerment and global leadership and is closely linked to his consulting work in organizations around the globe. Recent books, popular with managers around the world include: GO TEAM! Take Your Team to the Next Level and Empowerment Takes More Than A Minute.

Intellectual Contributions

Book Chapters

Randolph, W. A. (2013). Bases of social power: An essential element in leadership. Sage Publications. 747-751.

Refereed Journal Articles

Kemery, E. R., Randolph, W. A., & Stickney, L. T. (2014). Preference for Structure in Relation to Empowerment: Adding Clarity to the Role of Boundaries. Organization Management Journal. 11(4), 212-226.

Randolph, W. A. (2011). Developing global business capabilities in MBA students. Journal of Management Inquiry. 20(3), 223-240.

Randolph, W. A., & Kemery, E. R. (2011). Managerial use of power bases in a model of managerial empowerment practices and employee psychological empowerment. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. 18(1), 95-106.

Conference Proceedings

Lingelbach, D., & Randolph, W. A. (2011). Venture Capital's Role in Internationalizing New Ventures in Emerging Economies. Higher School of Economics.

Written Case

Zacur, S. R., & Randolph, W. A. (2010). Cultural Cues: Experiencing and Deciphering a Different Culture. Wiley. (11h Ed.), W-67.


Randolph, W. A. Western Business & Management Association, "Teaching global business skills: Is foreign travel really necessary?," Same as above, Paris, France. (2012).

Lingelbach, D., & Randolph, W. A. 31st Conference, "Internationalization as a Substitute for External Equity: Evidence from Emerging Markets," Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. (2011).

Research in Progress

"Leading for agility: How to lead in the face of continuous change" (On-Going)

"Managerial Practices and Psychological Empowerment as Impacted by National Culture" (On-Going)

"What leaders do to inspire younger workers" (On-Going)