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Merrick School of Business

Bansi Sawhney

Bansi L. Sawhney, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Department of Finance and Economics
Office: Business Center 471
Phone: 410.837.5049

  • Ph.D., George Washington University
  • M.S., Indiana State University

Dr. Sawhney primarily teaches economics. Among the most recent courses taught are: International Economics, Basic Economics, Managerial Economics and Macro and Microeconomics. He has authored more than 45 publications. His articles have appeared in professional refereed journals such as Economic Quarterly, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of Economic Research, KYKLOS, and Quarterly Review of Economic & Finance. His research interests include topics such as, Stock Market and the Macroeconomy, Military Spending and its Economic Impact, Business Investment and the Stock Market, International Trade, Income Inequality and Monetary Policy. He serves on the editorial board of several economic journals and edits the Indian Journal of Economics and Business. He is the recipient of the Harry Y. Wright Distinguished Chair in Economics.

Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Journal Articles

Sawhney, B. L., Mete Feidun, A., & . (2014). Growth Effects of Fiscal Decentralization:Empirical Evidence frm China's provinces. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. 50(4), 19.

Sawhney, B. L., & F. (2013). The deficit-reduction debate in the USA: An investgation of cointegration and causality. International Journal of Revenue Management. X(#10), 1-13.

Sawhney, B. L., E., W., & . (2012). Investment and Returns:Canadian Stock Market. SCMS Journal of Indian Management. IX(III), 21-29.

Sawhney, B. L. (2011). The Impact of Military Spending on Economic Growth: North Cyprus. Defence and Peace Economics. 22(5), 555-562.

Sawhney, B. L., Anoruo, E., & DiPietro, W. (2010). Does Openness Cause Government Consumption? Evidence from Multivariate-Based Causality Tests. Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives. xxxvi(1), 6-17.

Sawhney, B. L., Mehra, Y., & . (2010). Inflation Measure,Taylor Rules, and the Greenspan-Bernanke Years. Economic Quarterly. 96(2010), 123-151.


Sawhney, B. L. International Conference on Business and Economic Issues, "Economic and Financial Crises," IJEB and Serial Publications, New Delhi, India. (2011).

Sawhney, B. L. Eastern Econ Association, "Paper on Growth in LACs," EEA, New York. (2011).

Sawhney, B. L. Eastern Economic Associations Meetings, "Does Openness Cause Growth in Emerging Economies," New York. (2011).

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Research in Progress

"Does Openness Cause Govenment Consumption: Evidence from Multivariate - based Causality Tests" (Writing Results)

"Impact of Military Spending on Economic Growth" (On-Going)

"Inflation Measure.Taylor Rules, and the Greenspan-Bernanke Years" (Writing Results)

"Openness and Economic Growth in Brazil" (Writing Results)

"Permanent and Temporary Components in the Dynamics between Stock Market and Economy" (On-Going)

"Stock Market and Investment in Turkey" (On-Going)