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Merrick School of Business

Frederic Stiner

Frederic M. StinerJr., Ph.D.

Visiting Professor

Department of Accounting
Office: Business Center 450
Phone: 410.837.5114

  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska
  • M.B.A., Marshall University
  • M.S., University of Delaware

Professor Stiner was hired as a Visiting Professor in 2011 in the Department of Accounting.

Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Journal Articles

Stiner, F. M., & Lynn, S. A. (2012). Auditing Issues with Chinese Reverse Merger Companies Traded in the United States. International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting. 2(2), 76-88.

Stiner, F. M. (2010). Bankruptcy of an Accounting Firm: Causes and Consequences of the Laventhol & Horwath failure. Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries & Perspectives. 3(1), 30-44.

Stiner, F. M., & Calderisi, M. C. (2010). Reserves: Misleading Use of Terminology Increasing. The CPA Journal. 2010(March), 25-28.

Conference Proceedings

Gaynor, G., & Stiner, F. M. (2013). Accounting Choices in Gaming Loyalty Programs and Promotional Allowances. American Accounting Association Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting.

Stiner, F. M., & Lynn, S. A. (2012). Auditing Issues with Chinese Public Companies Traded in the U.S.. 2012/Mid Atlantic/American Accounting Association.