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Certificate in Leadership for Organizations

A foundation in business.

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Organizations is designed to enhance the leadership acumen of business professionals like you. Whether you have an extensive background in business or are still learning the basics, this certificate will help you increase your understanding of the concepts and tools needed for effective leadership.

Everything you need to know about the Certificate in Leadership for Organizations

  • Certificate Requirements

    To receive a Certificate in Leadership for Organizations, you must complete 12 credits of coursework and maintain a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.0 for courses taken in the certificate program. The coursework must be completed after you have received a bachelor's degree or equivalent. 

    Required Courses:

    ENTR 605 Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Mindset (1.5)
    MGMT 605 Leading with Integrity (1.5)

    Choose nine credits from the following:

    MGMT 730 Leadership, Learning, and Change (1.5)
    MGMT 731 Leadership Seminar (1.5)
    MGMT 732 Leadership: Self-organization and the firm (3.0)
    MGMT 760 Organizational creativity, change, and entrepreneurship (3.0)
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  • Learning Objectives

    • Develop an understanding of the complexity of the leader's role in effective organizations.
    • Demonstrate techniques of effective leadership and followership so that positive outcomes are achieved while making use of power bases and organizational politics.
    • Strengthen skills in negotiations and conflict resolution to enhance outcomes and promote innovation in organizations.
    • Analyze the strategic management process and the essential role of the firm's leadership in envisioning its future.
    • Critically examine the challenges of leading within a dynamic, diverse and complex global work environment.
    • Sharpen the ability to predict and identify the occurrence of change in the marketplace to create opportunities and/or avoid the threats of under-the-radar competition.
    • Recognize and tap into the sources of power in organizations.
    • Analyze and assess the impact of personal goals, values, ethics and attitudes on individual and organizational performance.
  • Gainful Employment Information

    Gainful employment information is provided to help you make an informed decision about this certificate program related to time and resources required to complete the program and possible employment outcomes.